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What is your sex sign?

Your Sex Sign is...
You're dreamy and romantic, with an active sexual imagination.
You'll fantasize about something before trying it, and you love role play.
Sex is an artistic expression, and you love to be the traditional victim in distress.

Pisces, you are dreamy, romantic, and old fashioned.
You are the sexual sign with the most active fantasy life.
You will go to any length to act out your favorite sexual fantasy... And you are an expert role player.

You love to be seduced in the most tender ways -
And can seduce others according to their fantasies.
You adapt to lovers' moods and leave them breathless with intensity.

You are moody, and you can get wounded easily.
Your gentle spirit needs protection - and usually gets it.
Few can resit your capcity for love.

You are mostly attracted to artistic, moody types.
Your versitility makes you perfect for any lover who likes to act out sex fantasies.
You'll go along with almost anything, as long as you get to play the victim.

You are not physically energetic anywhere, except in bed.
You adore surrendering to the passion of the moment, with complete abandon.
You love being swept off your feet.

'What is your Sex Sign?'

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